Company History

Georg Tudosze plans to become a mariner; he holds already the confirmation of his application for the academy of cadets in Bremerhaven in Germany in his hands when one day on the university campus he runs across the son of a dealer who is owing a mine of precious stones in Sri Lanka. This happening changes everything in Georg Tudosze’s life!

Thrilled by the beauty and power of precious stones, Georg Tudosze establishes in 1969 in Vienna together with his wife Elfriede the company G. E. Tudosze as a wholesaling trading business in cut gems in high quality to be manufactured as jewels. To confirm his know-how he graduates on the center of expertise for gems in Idar-Oberstein in 1979 and receives the certification as gemmologist and diamond expert.

Because of consistently client demand, Elfriede Tudosze decides in 1985 to expand the company by traditional Viennese goldsmith workshops where one of a kind jewelry pieces are made as well as jewelry on request and remaking and repairing of client’s jewelry pieces. By the end of the 90ies both daughters, Patricia and Lea, contribute to the family business. In this period elegant small series of jewels are produced named „PATU Design“.

In September 2011 the decision for the handover of the family business G. E. Tudosze is made: Lea Tudosze as the successor in second generation is continuing the traditional core business as Lea Tudosze Cut Gems.Jewelry on the same location in Landskrongasse in Vienna’s City. Lea Tudosze, who grew up in this environment and spirit created by her parents, builds on this fundamentals and offers therefore her clientele a well-known ambiance and to new clients a reassurance of know-how expertise.

In January 2018 health matters motivate Lea Tudosze to make another important step towards a more sustainable business strategy by closing the store at Landskrongasse and by sharing existing locations and using the resources together. Reducing the ecological footprint is thus not only a phrase but part of the way business is made following the motto  „Sharing is Caring“.