Imbedded in mother earth’s pad, precious stones embody their fascinating power. However it is the light in combination with mankind’s handcraft and know-how regarding the right and individual cut for each particular stone that reveals the sparkle and variety of colours of gems. Since then we appreciate the precious stone as a gift of nature and would not want to miss it.

You will find at Lea Tudosze’s shop cut gems in high quality:

Curiosities amongst the gems such as the “Padparadscha-Sapphire”, “Star-Safire”, “Alexandrits”, Tourmaline cat eye” and Citrins and Blue Topaz in natural colour.

Aquamarines, amethysts, blue topaz, citrins, emeralds, fire opals, white opals and boulder opals, corals, moonstones, morganits, peridots, rose quartz, rubies, sapphire, smoky quartz, turquoises, tourmalines

And of course diamonds and brilliants

„Do it your way! “ – Some prefer just a single cut gem, some want to wear it as a jewel or use it as healing stone. Choose your personal and favourite gem or healing stone and we create and make the piece of jewellery suited for you!