THE QUEEN OF THE SEA – dreams of the South-Seas, mermaids and Royal dynasties occur. The tender touch on the skin is incomparable.

PEARLS enchant with their lustre, they are charming and are the fatally attribute of feminity. Only Mother Nature knows to bring out such a big variety of different look of pearls:

Akoya pearls
South-Sea and Tahitian pearls

Size: Vary from very small (ca. 0.1 mm) to big size (ca. 25 mm)
Shape: Any kind of shape – round or potatoe, baroque or drops, mabé, as well as various fancy forms
Colour: White, off-white, champagne, cream, gold, shades of pink and orange, purple, mauve, silver and brown, grey, peacock and black.

At Lea Tudosze’s place you will find pearls as…

Colliers with closures in yellow or white gold or in silver or silver plated as well as chains of pearls which we knot in the length and with the closure on your request

A ring, a pair of decent ear pendants or earrings, and a pendant on a chain or on a bracelet as well as cufflinks, brooches and as any other kind of jewellery